Air conditioning systems

Microfix Services' objectives are to provide you with air conditioning systems that work effectively and efficiently, whatever the site. 

We can design and install air conditioning systems that can provide cooling in a variety of commercial environments including data centres, offices, education, medical and retail. 

Key features: -

  • Specialised air conditioning services such as data centre and server room cooling – as a specialist air conditioning contractor, we have expert knowledge in the application of air conditioning in the data centre environment.
  • R22 replacement services – Microfix Services can help you ensure you are meeting your obligations with regard to R22 refrigerant replacement. Although many companies have undergone the process of exchanging their R22 refrigerants, huge conversions still need to be undertaken to ensure that the 2015 deadline for complete R22 replacement is accomplished.
  • Comprehensive air conditioning maintenance packages – each of our air conditioning installations comes with the option of ongoing maintenance and servicing packages to ensure efficient and effective running in the future

Key benefits: -

  • Increased staff productivity - through increased comfort levels in the working environment.
  • More effective operation of your IT systems - for example operating hot and cold aisle in your data centre.
  • Reduced utility bills through less energy consumption.

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