Remote back up

Without a 100% secure backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable. Imagine losing your data by means of theft, fire, flooding, virus, power cut or a technical malfunction.

With the remote data backup service from MFX Systems your daily data backup is fully automated. This can for part of your disaster recovery (DR) planning for your organisation. Every day your data will be stored safely in a secure offsite data centre from where you can access your data backup 24/7 back up. 

Features: -

  • Automatic protection for files changes; files are copied to the MFX Systems network location, no scheduling or manual intervention is required.
  • On-demand access - Allows users to manage their backups and restores from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Secure data encryption - Data is fully encrypted in transit and in storage with SSL and 256 bit AES encryption to ensure complete security.
  • Historical versions - Depending on the service selected, historical versions are retained for up to 7 years.

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