Data Centre and computer room moves

MFX Relocations is one the UK’s industry leading data centre and computer room relocation companies. Your IT infrastructure, particularly your computer room and servers, is the lifeblood of your organisation. If you have ever had to undertake the relocation of a data centre/computer room or consolidate several into one, you will know what a daunting task the migration of IT systems can be.

At MFX Relocations we know this and more importantly, we understand it. Which is why use highly qualified engineers from our sister company MFX Systems to undertake the work.

Key features: -
  • Basic ‘collect and deliver’ IT and server transportation service — we provide you with the skilled transport service and you do everything else.
  • Server Decommission and reconnection — as an enhancement to the IT transportation service, with our skilled engineers from Microfix Technology, we undertake the full IT relocation service from the point your back ups have run to reboot and connection.
  • Cabling and patching works — when the IT systems have been moved, we can undertake the very labour intensive task of data cable patching and tying up all the cables to ensure a tidy and workable comms room.

Key benefits: -

  • Allows your IT staff to concentrate on their core business activities and not be bogged down with labour intensive moving tasks.
  • Peace of mind that comes from over a decade of experience with moving servers, computer rooms, data centres, mainframes and an enviable track record to prove it.

Contact us now if you are losing sleep over how to move your IT systems.