Hosted Exchange


MFX Systems' Hosted Exchange service is the industry leading integrated email, contact and calendar system that delivers reliable, scaleable, collaborative solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes.

MFX Systems' Hosted Exchange service is an extremely cost effective solution for businesses who want advanced messaging tools without high IT infrastructure costs. Simply connect to our hosting servers and leave to us to deliver the email service to you. No Servers or infrastructure needed within your company! In our view MFX Systems' Hosted Exchange service is the best fully integrated email system available today.

Why move to Hosted Exchange email accounts:

  • Using MS Exchange gives the functionality of fully integrated tools such as Emails, Diaries, Calendars, Tasks and Contacts.

  • A host of enterprise features that make a busy professional's life easier and offer fantastic value for money.

  • You can work with your email online.

  • Wirelessly synchronise emails, contacts, appointments, and even tasks to all of your PCs and mobile devices using ActiveSync

  • It's simple to grasp, and very easy to use.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 is perfect for email on the move, via smart-phone.


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