Auditing and asset management

Accurate asset data is crucial to successful relocation planning and engagement, whether you are moving internally or to new premises. Correct data also enables you to better manage churn and ongoing facilities management tasks. Although its core business is moving IT systems, our clients have often asked to apply this skill and attention to detail to other facilities related tasks involved in a move. 
Our teams can provide you with services for: -

  • IT audits – our teams can capture important system data and with this information, other teams involved in an office move can better plan the relocation project.
  • Data Centre Audits – our audits provide you with a fully functional and easy to track inventory of the equipment. Working with strategic partners we can also offer you energy efficiency or a cooling system audit on your data centre.
  • File and storage audits – a file is critical as it will allow you to measure storage efficiency by individual and departments. It is also critical when considering purchase of new furniture.
  • Furniture audit - alongside a file and IT audit, a furniture audit can provide you with a comprehensive picture of your organisational structure and assets within it. You’ll know what you have, what you need to move and what you need to replace
  • Floor box and electrical audits – floor boxes functionality and positioning are often ‘fluid’ within an organisation. A reconfiguration of furniture as part of an office relocation or move often leads to floor boxes being moved and over time this leads to inaccurate data as to which boxes are positioned where and if they are connected up to the network or electrical system. An audit of floor boxes will allow for much easier move planning for both your facilities and IT teams.