Virtualization offers the potential to significantly reduce operating costs whilst dramatically increasing the flexibility of your IT infrastructure. By granting a server’s software layer independence from any underlying hardware you increase the mobility and efficiency of your IT systems.

VMWare’s™ virtual technology products are at the forefront of this emergent technology and continue to be the first choice for virtualization the world over. MFX Systems is proud to meet the server virtualization needs for a broad range of SME’s using this mature, proven technology from an industry leader. 

These are some of the benefits that Virtualization using the VMWare™ platform affords your organisation: -

  • Reduced costs: By consolidating the workload of multiple under-utilised servers to fewer physical hosts you save on power, air conditioning and space requirements. Future outlay is cut by containing additional hardware spend.
  • Enhanced productivity: As new virtual servers can be provisioned in minutes and existing ones can be manipulated quickly and easily; staff are freed up to perform other tasks whilst users are able to do their work sooner.
  • Minimise downtime: In a virtual environment failed systems can be recovered in a matter of minutes instead of days. With High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT) options you can ensure business continuity in the event of hardware or software failure.
  • Integration with existing systems: VMWare™ virtualization is compatible with an extensive range of server hardware, guest operating systems and third party solutions.
  • Improve business responsiveness through greater efficiency, agility, and scalability.

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