Trading floor/dealer room moves

MFX Relocations has been working in the financial sector for over a decade undertaking trading floor moves, changes and relocations for some the worlds top banks and financial institutions.
A company’s trading floors, or dealer rooms are critical revenue generators for these institutions. Any lost time through a failed move, relocation or change could result in £millions being lost on the markets.
This is why we have specially trained engineers and project managers who are skilled in moving the following systems: -
  • Multiple monitor set ups
  • Monitor configurations
  • Dealer board phone systems
  • Bloomberg and Reuters machines

“The first 2 hours of trading on this floor has paid for the move and the fit out in its entirety.” 

This simple statement demonstrates the impact of downtime on IT on a trading floor. We work closely with the clients IT department and project managers in the planning of a trading room move to ensure no downtime on IT systems.

Contact us now if you are losing sleep over how to move your trading room systems.